FSN Network Updates

ACDI/VOCA was recently awarded a TOPS grant for I-SMART version 2.0. The objective of I-SMART v 2.0 is to enhance the Information System for Management, Analysis, & Reporting Timeliness (I-SMART), which was originally developed and funded under TOPS as a data collection and management system to be used in multisectoral project management and reporting.

ACDI/VOCA welcomes and encourages further comments as they continue to refine the database to best meet the needs of Title II implementers. You are invited to participate in a smaller working group that will communicate frequently and incorporate feedback in a timely, consistent manner.

Join the first meeting on September 16th at 3pm at the ACDI/VOCA office (50 F Street, NW, Washington DC) to discuss the purpose of the working group, anticipated level of effort, as well as an initial schedule for follow-on meetings and communications. 

Efforts will be made to do coordination via skype or phone, thus facilitating greater participation. Please RSVP to Maby Palmisano at mpalmisano@acdivoca.org by September 10, 2014.

The draft Food for Peace Budget Matrix, similar to the matrix included in FFPIB 12-03, is available for your review and comment. FFP would greatly appreciate receiving consolidated comments on the Food for Peace Budget Matrix from the representative groups of the FACG.  

The comment period will last for 45 days from the date materials are released. Therefore, comments are due no later than noon on Monday, September 29.  However, please do not wait until the last day to submit comments and inquiries.  Comments should be submitted to facg@amexdc2.com.

The final Food for Peace Information Bulletin (FFPIB) 14-01, Eligible Uses of Section 202(e), ITSH, Community Development Funding, and Monetization is now available on the Food for Peace website.

This document is an update to FFPIB 12-03 and reflects changes in authority made by the Agricultural Act of 2014.  

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Office of Food for Peace (FFP), is seeking your comments on the guidance on Annual Results Report (ARR).

For FY 2014 results reporting, FFP has revised the ARR guidance to improve the overall quality and consistency of information across projects and facilitate private voluntary organization (PVO) awardees’ annual reporting on project performance and lessons learned. The revised ARR includes an analytical narrative results report, lessons learned, success stories, and standardized annual project questionnaire (SAPQ).  To improve user experience in annual performance data entry and reduce data entry errors, FFP has made significant improvements to the ARR and SAPQ modules in the Food for Peace Management Information System (FFPMIS).

USAID reserves the right to revise this draft based on comments received and/or further internal review, prior to issuance of the final ARR Guidance for FY 2014 results reporting.

Please provide any comments and suggestions on this draft ARR guidance in writing to FACG@amexdc2.com by 11:59am on September 17, 2014.

TANGO International is leading a study on behalf of the CGIAR research program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH), led by IFPRI, to identify the best ways to conduct, present and disseminate research and evaluation results on integrated agriculture-nutrition programming. The goal is to make research and evaluation results relevant and readily “actionable” for your organization at the field level.

TANGO would like to hear about your experiences with agriculture and nutrition research. Please click here to take a short survey.

The TOPS/FSN Network Knowledge Sharing Meeting on July 10 - 11, 2014 brought together over 200 practitioners and donors to learn about new tools and practices, gain skills for building stronger, more resilient food security programming, and discuss how to incorporate knowledge management into your everyday work.

All session materials, including presentations, handouts, and videos of the keynote and plenary sessions, are now available here.

Upcoming events

Monday, September 22, 2014 (All day)
Arlington, VA

One ​in ​three ​people ​in ​the ​world ​live ​in ​poverty. ​One ​in ​five ​live ​in ​extreme ​poverty. ​Transformative ​solutions ​with ​potential ​for ​large-scale ​impact ​are ​needed. ​Inclusive ​pro-poor ​market ​systems—including ​financial ​markets—offer ​pathways ​out ​of ​poverty ​to ​large ​numbers ​of ​poor ​and ​vulnerable ​people. ​Market-based ​solutions ​build ​on ​a ​holistic ​understanding ​of ​market ​systems ​with ​an ​... More

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - 20:45
Brookings, South Dakota

In 1916, Edgar S. McFadden envisioned and accomplished the first major breakthrough in conferring genetic resistance to stem rust. From a single seed, his work is still making a critical difference today, feeding billions of people globally. Join us as South Dakota State University continues his legacy by honoring him and other global leaders in wheat research at the Inaugural Edgar S. McFadden Symposium on Wheat Improvement.

Key... More

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 15:00
Save the Children, 2000 L Street NW, Suite 500, Room F, Washington DC

This is a meeting of the Monitoring and Evaluation Task Force of the FSN Network. 

Global Task Forces enable members from around the world to directly contribute their expertise in development and adaptation of crucial information, tools, and methods that are responsive to stakeholder needs. Membership in a Task Force needs to be approved by... More