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Designing for Behavior Change

This forum is for discussions related to the designing for behavior change (DBC) framework for social and behavioral change interventions in food security programs. Topics include designing and analyzing barrier analysis (BA) and doer/non-doer surveys (DND), selecting activities, etc.

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Extension of the Health Belief Model

Posted: 16 Mar 2017 by tdavismph
Last Post: 24 Mar 2017 by by btidwell

Barrier Analysis is based on several health behavior models, in particular , the Health Belief Model (HBM). The...


Updating Preferences to get DBC topics in your inbox

Posted: 21 Mar 2017 by Kim Buttonow
Last Post: 21 Mar 2017 by by Kim Buttonow

Greetings-  It has come to our attention that perhaps a few out there may not be getting postings from the...


I wanted to share with you the attached masters paper, "Barrier Analysis as a Tool for Behavior Chnage in Agriculture:...


Designing for Behavior Change: A Practical Field Guide

Posted: 30 Jan 2017 by Kim Buttonow
Last Post: 30 Jan 2017 by by Kim Buttonow

Greetings- a new resource is now available! The brand new Designing for Behavior Change: A Practical Field Guide is...


Top resource download in 2016 = DBC for Ag!

Posted: 17 Jan 2017 by ysongowilliams
Last Post: 18 Jan 2017 by by mdecoster

Congratulations DBCTFers! The most popular download in 2016 belongs to you: Designing for Behavior Change: For...


Designing Effective Behavior Change Activities: The Final Column January 10-12, 2017 | Washington, DC Have you...


Greetings! We have a new DBC resource for Program Managers; the Decision Guide for Program Managers: What You Need to...


DBC Manual now available in Bangla!

Posted: 16 Nov 2016 by mdecoster
Last Post: 16 Nov 2016 by by mdecoster

I'm delighted to announce that we have a translation available of this manual, Designing for Behavior Change: For...


We are grateful to IMC for translating into Arabic The Practical Guide to Conducting Barrier Analysis and the Barrier...


Testimonials for the DBC Framework

Posted: 11 Aug 2016 by
Last Post: 6 Sep 2016 by by

Do you have a good story about using the DBC Framework in your programs? The SBC Team is gathering testimonials about how...


Explore Redesigned Behavior Bank

Posted: 2 Feb 2016 by mdecoster
Last Post: 2 Feb 2016 by by mdecoster

Check out the newly redesigned Behavior Bank! This resource features...


F2F and the local host, Feed the Future-funded Bangladesh Women’s Empowerment Activity (WEA), are seeking a volunteer...


October 8th, 2015 Designing for Behaviour Change -- share and learn webinar Please note that if you can’t attend on...


Behavior Bank -- don't have time to enter your results?

Posted: 24 Oct 2014 by mdecoster
Last Post: 3 Sep 2015 by by mdecoster

Hi all you Barrier Analysis and DBC fans, Do you have Barrier Analysis results you keep meaning to enter into the...


Let us analyze your BA Studies for you!

Posted: 22 Jun 2015 by mhanold
Last Post: 22 Jun 2015 by by mhanold

Food for the Hungry is hosting an internal Barrier Analysis review workshop in East Africa. We would love to analyze...


Changing Behavior around Children's Consumption of Eggs

Posted: 27 Apr 2015 by BKittle
Last Post: 27 Apr 2015 by by BKittle

Greetings All,   We all know there are plenty of taboos in many parts of Africa against feeding eggs to...


DBC Comparative Analysis

Posted: 9 Jan 2015 by mpollock
Last Post: 1 Feb 2015 by by gillianmc

Hello all, I'm a Leland Hunger Fellow working with Mercy Corps supporting the behavior change strategies of our food...


DBC on select behaviors

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 by BKittle
Last Post: 11 Nov 2014 by by Patrick Coonan

Greetings All - I wonder if anyone has applied DBC to any behaviours related to menstrual hygiene management or people...


Evidence for Barrier Analysis & Doer/NonDoer Studies

Posted: 18 Jul 2012 by mdecoster
Last Post: 3 Sep 2014 by by mdecoster

 Hi all, Take a look at this short narrated presentation that Tom Davis put together earlier this month:http://www....


Health Phone

Posted: 11 Nov 2013 by kmacd
Last Post: 11 Nov 2013 by by kmacd

I'm using these videos for a training that I'm planning. They have many different topics ranging from exclusive...


Approaches for sustained use of latrines and handwashing among women in conservative communities

Posted: 3 Oct 2013 by Penninah Mathenge
Last Post: 4 Oct 2013 by by Anonymous (not verified)

I work as a behavior change specialist and I find sustaining behavior change a challenge.  I am in the field of...


FGM BA - Writing a Behavior Statement

Posted: 25 Sep 2013 by btidwell
Last Post: 30 Sep 2013 by by BKittle

We're moving closer to doing a BA on FGM and I wanted to get some input on writing a good behavior statement.  Here...


Fun NYT article on using "nudge" principles to promote healthy eating

Posted: 29 Aug 2013 by kmacd
Last Post: 26 Sep 2013 by by tdavis

This was a fun NYTimes article about some nudge strategies that many of us are familiar with to promote better shopping...


Barrier Analysis Spreadsheet - Too many responses!

Posted: 13 Sep 2013 by gillianmc
Last Post: 16 Sep 2013 by by mdecoster

Hello Colleagues,When analysing the data from a Barrier Analysis, I have a huge number of responses to open ended...


BA with FGM and Antibiotic Compliance

Posted: 17 Aug 2013 by btidwell
Last Post: 27 Aug 2013 by by btidwell

I've worked on BAs related to breastfeeding and delivery at a health center in my previous position in Uganda, but since...


Great New Yorker article on how ideas spread

Posted: 29 Jul 2013 by kmacd
Last Post: 7 Aug 2013 by by ECarlberg

Great article on how ideas spread and how to get them to spread. It also brings up important ideas related to how we can...


How would you engage fathers and grandmothers as influencers?

Posted: 30 May 2013 by mdecoster
Last Post: 30 May 2013 by by mdecoster

In this online discussion on engaging grandmothers and husbands as influencers, Cindy from PCI Global shared...


Kids Drinking in Uganda

Posted: 8 Mar 2013 by BKittle
Last Post: 7 May 2013 by by Patrick Coonan

 Does anyone have experience helping people to understand the negative impact of alcohol consumption on pregnant...


Evaluating the impact of behavior change

Posted: 4 Mar 2013 by kmacd
Last Post: 11 Mar 2013 by by kmacd

Greetings,While this question isn't specifically related to DBC but more broadly related to behavior change, I thought...


Job Opening: Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

Posted: 18 Jan 2013 by nneumann
Last Post: 18 Jan 2013 by by nneumann

Hi everyone,I wanted to share this job opening with you all. Save the Children has a Senior Specialist position available...


Interview with Andrea Cutherell about the Replication oF the DBC training in the Bahir Dar Amhara region of EthiopiaI...


Recap of the TOPS Curriculum Development Summit

Posted: 5 Dec 2012 by kmacd
Last Post: 7 Dec 2012 by by mdecoster

Hello DBC Interest Group.In late September, TOPS hosted a training and knowledge sharing event for practitioners...


TOPS DBC training in Bangladesh, September 29th until October 4th 2012

Posted: 1 Nov 2012 by majo
Last Post: 1 Nov 2012 by by majo

 We thought it would be nice to share some pictures of the Designing for Behavior Change training I recently...


Looking for example questionnaires on common Ag practices

Posted: 4 Oct 2012 by BKittle
Last Post: 4 Oct 2012 by by BKittle

 Greetings! I am developing a curriculum on how to design and implement at doer/non-doer/Barrier Analysis...


Q&A : From Attending a DBC Training to Replicating It

Posted: 1 Oct 2012 by kmacd
Last Post: 1 Oct 2012 by by BKittle

 Q & A From Attending A DBC Training to Replicating ItI recently talked with Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera from...