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This forum is for discussions related to gender integration into food security programming with an emphasis on Title II, Food-for-Peace Funded Development Food Assistance Programs.

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Learning from other specialists was awesome-TOPS Gender Summit Zambia

Posted: 3 Feb 2017 by nanecece
Last Post: 25 Mar 2017 by by saraedward

It was such an honour to be in a room full of specialists who i shared with the many challenges that we face as we do our...


TOPS Gender Summit in Zambia

Posted: 27 Jan 2017 by Carol
Last Post: 31 Jan 2017 by by MICHEL MUMBERE ...

Its been a great two days gender summit I have ever attended and I will always refer to. Have learned so many practical...


Global Symposium and Learning Exchange

Posted: 2 Jun 2016 by INGENAES
Last Post: 2 Jun 2016 by by INGENAES

Hi everyone, you might be interested in attending or know someone who would like to attend the Global Symposium and...


Aflatoxin and Gender

Posted: 15 Apr 2015 by ktabaj
Last Post: 19 Apr 2016 by by INGENAES

  Has anyone thought about the relationship between gender and aflatoxin in food production/consumption?...


For research project, ADMI calling for success stories on PHL interventions via online survey

Posted: 12 Jun 2014 by wozniak5
Last Post: 12 Jun 2014 by by wozniak5

Seeking participants for study on PHL prevention methods! Gender component involved.  The ADM Institute for the...


Identification of Tools for Gender Integration in Food Security Programming

Posted: 16 Sep 2012 by kmacd
Last Post: 9 Oct 2012 by by ktabaj

Identification of Tools for Gender Integration in Food Security ProgrammingThe FSN Network is interested in learning more...