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Learning from other specialists was awesome-TOPS Gender Summit Zambia

Learning from other specialists was awesome-TOPS Gender Summit Zambia

Posted by nanecece on 3 Feb 2017

It was such an honour to be in a room full of specialists who i shared with the many challenges that we face as we do our jobs. It was reassuring to listen to the many stories from the many brilliant minds who shared their experiences and i have to say that i have come back to work a reinvigorated person.Aluta continua!!



Sharing the challenges and

Posted by Carol on 8 Feb 2017

Sharing the challenges and the problem solving was a very good platform indeed. I shared these with my supervisors and they would like me to come up with 3 tools that the organization can work on especially on the effective tools.

3 tools

Posted by ktabaj on 9 Feb 2017

HI Carol!

Are you being asked to design three tools or find three tools to use?  Is this something we (meaning the collective group or anyone reading) can assist with?


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Posted by ChrisGreenwalt on 21 Aug 2017

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