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Resilience Design in Smallholder Farming Systems Approach Toolkit: Tip Sheets

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Mercy Corps
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The Resilience Design in Smallholder Farming Systems Approach Toolkit has been developed by Mercy Corps through The TOPS Program to allow smallholder farmer to redesign their fields to increase soil health, manage water, and become more resilient to climate and environmental shocks overall. 

These tip sheets have been designed as part of the RD approach toolkit to guide thought processes in the field as field agents and farmers apply the approach. 

The areas covered by these tip sheets are the following:

  • Step 1: Site Assessment
  • Step 2: Site Analysis
  • Step 3: Site Design
  • Step 4: Site Monitoring & Feedback
  • Techniques
  • Principles
  • Key Definitions

They are available in English and French. 

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