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Resilience Measurement Practical Guidance Series: Guidance Note No.1 – Risk & Resilience Assessments

Eric Vaughan,
Sarah Henly-Shepard
Organizational Authors: 
Mercy Corps,
USAID Center for Resilience,
Resilience and Evaluation, Analysis and Learning (REAL) Award
Year Published: 

The purpose of this Guidance Note No.1 on Risk & Resilience Assessments is to increase awareness and knowledge of the key elements and value of risk and resilience assessments, and to provide resources for additional, deeper learning. It does not focus on best assessment practices which are already well covered elsewhere.

This Guidance Note is guided by the following learning objectives:

  • Improved awareness of the purpose and scope of a risk and resilience assessment;
  • Enhanced understanding of the processes by which a risk and resilience assessment is conducted, supported by relevant resilience measurement principles highlighted in other guidance notes as appropriate;
  • Increased appreciation for the value of risk and resilience assessments in formulating effective Theories of Change and measurement frameworks that link resilience-building strategies to humanitarian and development program outcomes.

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