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Resilience Measurement Practical Guidance Series: An Overview

Sarah Henly-Shepard,
Bradley Sagara ,
Jon Kurtz ,
Kristin Lambert,
David Nicholson ,
Tiffany Griffin ,
Justin Prud’homme
Organizational Authors: 
Mercy Corps,
USAID Center for Resilience
Year Published: 

Background and Rationale for Guidance Series 

USAID’s Resilience Measurement Practical Guidance series will synthesize existing technical documents into pragmatic “how to” guidance needed by practitioners to integrate core aspects of resilience measurement into their program assessments, design, monitoring, evaluation, and learning. This overview document lays out the background and purpose of the Guidance Note (GN) series, introduces core concepts, and previews the content of the Resilience Measurement Practical Guidance series. The series is an important component of a larger suite of efforts focused on building capacity for resilience measurement, including existing USAID resilience training courses, such as the Introduction to Resilience at USAID and Beyond1, training events, field support, webinars, and a forthcoming e-learning series from USAID’s Center for Resilience.

Resilience Measurement Practical Guidance Series: An Overview

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