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Why It Matters - Creating and Measuring Successful Online Engagement: Session 3 - Peer Assist: Get Practical Solutions for Your Online Engagement Challenges

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Thursday, August 25, 2016 - 11:00am to 12:30pm
Online via Adobe Connect

Does the thought of starting an online community keep you awake at night? Do you spend endless hours cajoling (and we mean stalking) members of your existing virtual community 'to engage'? When called in to a Senior Management Team Meeting to share the depth of engagement and return on investment (gulp!) of your online community, do you run screaming for the nearest airport?

If any of the above sound vaguely familiar: never fear, help is near!

FSN Network's Knowledge Management Task Force will be hosting a 3-part Summer Series that taps into the collective wisdom of sector experts to bring you solutions to each of these challenges.

In our last session, we brought together a panel of experts to answer lingering questions and provide potential solutions to the challenges faced driving and measuring online engagement. Dar Maxwell of Engility Corp opened up the session by sharing expertise and experience on live online events, as well as blended online and in-person events. Following that, in a peer assist format, questions from our participants to our speakers drove the discussion.

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Dar Maxwell, who is the current Manager of the Learning Technologies Team at Engility Corp. With her position, Dar introduced the concept of online learning to the company and have since established a design and production process and completed numerous elearning modules. She also manages Engility Corp's online platform used for live, collaborative training, discussions and meetings. Dar has previously worked for ABC News and The Christian Science Monitor. 

And we welcomed back Stan Garfield, our presenter for Session 1, and Richard Millington, our presenter for Session 2!