The TOPS Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Award is a five-year Associate Award led by Save the Children and funded by the USAID Office of Food for Peace (FFP). The TOPS WASH Award aims to improve the quality of activities, strengthen the capacity and skills of FFP implementing partners in WASH, and improve the level of knowledge and practices around WASH. TOPS-WASH brings together members of the larger WASH community of practice to share activity implementation and design practices; capture evidence of successful implementation and innovative practices; and analyze challenges affecting WASH activities in FFP’s development and emergency portfolios. The TOPS WASH Award seeks to build a platform of WASH capacity-strengthening activities and engage in applied research initiatives to identify field-viable solutions for improving WASH service delivery for chronically vulnerable and food insecure populations. Click here to download a copy of the TOPS-WASH one-page description.

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TOPS-WASH supports the work of all Food for Peace partners implementing WASH activities in emergency and development settings. In addition, TOPS-WASH coordinates its knowledge sharing and applied research activities with WASH programming funded through other Offices and Bureaus within USAID. To stay current on the latest strategies, approaches, and better practices for supporting sustainable WASH improvements for vulnerable communities around the globe, TOPS-WASH also seeks to link with other donors, researchers, and the private sector.


The goal of TOPS-WASH is improve the impact, sustainability, and scalability of FFP’s programming in WASH in emergency and development contexts. This will be achieved through the following objectives:

  • Knowledge Capture: Identify and test technical best practice
  • Knowledge Generation: Develop/identify, test, disseminate, practical Training of Trainers resources and other materials to guide the design, implementation and monitoring of WASH interventions
  • Knowledge Application: Build capacity through effective and appropriate skills delivery for WASH
  • Knowledge Sharing: Support and expand mechanisms for information and skills exchange


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TOPS-WASH will post materials identified and developed for capacity building, as the well as the results of the award’s applied research initiatives – so keep an eye on this space!

Upcoming Events and Announcements

Announcement: Requests for Applications – Deadline November 1, 2018

In many locations around the globe, there are populations that struggle with access to clean drinking water, facilities and services that support proper sanitation and hygiene. This RFA focuses on generating a solution to one of these intractable problems: ensuring and maintaining access to affordable, environmentally appropriate sanitation in rural, flood prone areas. In Bangladesh, CARE’s FFP-funded SHOUHARDO III Program focuses on providing gender equitable food and nutrition security and resilience for vulnerable populations living the flood-prone, Char and Haor regions by 2020. These regions face moderate to severe flooding almost every year posing a myriad of challenges to maintaining improved sanitation and hygiene practices. Over the past decade, a number of organizations have undertaken studies and pilot project to develop latrines and sanitation systems appropriate for flood-prone areas with mixed results. The core objective of this RFA is to develop and support piloting of a low-cost, locally-available sanitation solution to the population living in the Hoar and Char areas.  The award(s) resulting from this RFA should offer a sustainable, affordable solution to these vulnerable populations, while also providing a concept that can be tailored and replicated other countries that experience seasonal flooding where Food for Peace (FFP) implementing partners operate.

Save the Children may fund up to two awards under this RFA for up to US$75,000 per award for the design of a sanitation solution and accompanying implementation plan that is affordable and sustainable in flood-prone areas. For details on proposal submission guidelines, timing, subject areas and review criteria please refer to the RFA package available for download below. Questions on this RFA may be submitted in writing before October 10, 2018 with Questions: TOPS-WASH Bangladesh Sanitation Solutions RFA in the subject line to tops.wash.bangladesh.rfa@savechildren.orgSubmissions for this RFA are due by 5PM EST on November 1, 2018 and should be submitted to with ‘Application: TOPS-WASH Bangladesh Sanitation Solutions RFA’ in the subject line.

Click here to download the complete RFA package.

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The RFA package includes:

  1. RFA
  2. Attachment 1 – Proposal Narrative Template
  3. Attachment 2 – Budget Template
  4. Attachment 3 – Budget Narrative Template
  5. Attachment 4 – USAID Standard Provisions for FAAs

Stakeholder Meeting Notes

TOPS WASH Kickoff Stakeholder Consultation Meeting Notes, June 18, 2018

More Information

To learn more about the TOPS Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) award, contact Rebekah Pinto, Director, TOPS-WASH at Save the Children.