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Adapting Social and Behavior Change Materials in the Time of COVID-19

Mary DeCoster
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Food for the Hungry
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Social and Beahvior Change materials are a key tool in the fight against COVID-19. These tips sheets, developed by Mary DeCoster at Food for the Hungry, provide tips for effectively adapting social and behavior change materials during these times.  You can download the tips sheets in English, French or Spanish.
Summary of the Five Tips 
1. Get very clear on the behaviors you want to promote and the intended participants or audience for your social and behavior change (SBC) intervention.
2. Use informal or formal rapid assessments to discover where the knowledge gaps are.  
3. Rapidly adapt materials that are similar to what’s currently needed.  
4. Adapt some materials into a completely different format. 
5. Create simple job aids, checklists, scripts, videos and recordings.