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Added Value of Resilience Programming to the Ongoing 2017 Drought Response

Dustin Caniglia,
Sarah Baran
Organizational Authors: 
Concern Worldwide
Year Published: 

Since the emergence of the ongoing emergency situation in Somalia, we have continually heard the question – “but what about the resilience programmes?” We hope the attached will contribute to a wider collective effort of documenting cases of resilience work and responding to that question.

Concern Worldwide has been working on detailing the added value of the DFID funded resilience programming to the Somalia drought response. These products discuss the value that resilience investment and risk-proportionate early action has had on BRCiS Programme – Building Resilient Communities in Somalia— target communities. While measuring the impact of diverse resilience programming is difficult, and we still have a long way to go, we can at least say that at this point there has not been any recorded displacement from Concern BRCiS target villages due to the ongoing drought. This is especially meaningful because the target locations were initially chosen due to being the most vulnerable villages in their respective areas. Further these target villages have now become hosts to IDPs from other villages within their respective districts. 

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