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Agro-Industries for Development

Carlos A. da Silva,
Doyle Baker,
Andrew W. Shepherd,
Chakib Jenane,
Sergio Miranda-da-Cruz
Organizational Authors: 
United Nations Industrial Development Organization,
CAB International
Year Published: 

Developing competitive agro-industries is crucial for generating employment and income opportunities. It also contributes to enhancing the quality of, and the demand for, farm products. Agro-industries have the potential to provide employment for the rural population not only in farming, but also in off-farm activities such as handling, packaging, processing, transporting and marketing of food and agricultural products. There are clear indications that agro- industries are having a significant global impact on economic development and poverty reduction, in both urban and rural communities. However, the full potential of agro-industries as an engine for economic development has not yet been realized in many developing countries, especially in Africa.

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