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Asia Resilience Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Workshop Final Report

Tim Frankenberger,
Mark Langworthy,
Karyn Fox,
Brad Sagara,
Ratri Sutarto,
Nigoon Jitthai,
Karine Garnier,
Greg Collins,
Dr. Pedcris Orencio,
Tom Spangler and Padraic Finan
Organizational Authors: 
TANGO International,
Mercy Corps,
USAID Center for Resilience,
USAID Surge Project Philippines,
Save the Children
Year Published: 

Introduction and Overview of the Workshop

The Asia Resilience Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Workshop was held in Bangkok, Thailand from July 11-14, 2017. The USAID Center for Resilience (C4R) through the Resilience Evaluation, Analysis and Learning (REAL) Award supported the training event, to provide participants with practical M&E training and facilitate exchange of context-specific learning among USAID staff, implementing agencies and technical specialists in the field of resilience analysis, with a focus on the Asia region.

REAL Award Asia MEL Workshop Report

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