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Bangladesh Resilience Research Report - Final

Victoria Brown,
Tiffany Griffin,
Chung Lai,
Rafiqul Islam,
Jillian Waid,
Matthew Will
Organizational Authors: 
USAID Center for Resilience,
Helen Keller International,
World Vision,
ICF International
Year Published: 


We would first and foremost like to thank FFP and the Center for Resilience for the opportunity to conduct this study and their invaluable guidance over the course of its implementation. In particular, Tiffany Griffin and Chung Lai, who provided insightful comments.

We would also like to express our appreciation to CARE, Helen Keller International, World Vision, and the USAID Bangladesh, including Rafiqul Islam, Jillian Waid and Matthew Will, and all those that reviewed and contributed important suggestions for improving the analysis and presentation of study findings. These contributions immensely improved the quality of this report.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge ICF International who implemented the initial baseline study on behalf of USAID and FFP. Without their high-quality data collection, data conditioning, analysis, and implementation of the initial Baseline Study, this study would not have been possible.

Bangladesh Resilience Research Report - Final

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