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Barrier Analysis Questionnaires

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In recent years, organizations implementing FFP projects have recognized the need to develop more effective behavior change strategies. To this end, TOPS has provided training in the Designing for Behavior Change framework, which recommends the use of Barrier Analysis (BA), a survey that identifies the most significant barriers to behavior change. To implement a BA, researchers must first develop a data collection tool - the questionnaire.

In 2014 TOPS consultant Bonnie Kittle created a set of 30 Barrier Analysis Questionnaires and guidance on how to adapt these questionnaires as references for BA implementers. The questionnaires address behaviors in the areas of maternal and child nutrition, health, water and sanitation and agriculture.

In 2015 the CORE SBC Working Group developed 16 additional Barrier Analysis Questionnaires, with support from TOPS technical advisors.  These questionnaires address additional behaviors in health, nutrition, agriculture, and health of youth.   

To download all questionnaires in a Zip file, click "All Barrier Analysis Questionnaires [Zip Folder]" to the right.

Additional Reference Documents:

A Practical Guide to Conducting a Barrier Analysis

Designing for Behavior Change: For Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Health and Nutrition

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*Have you explored the FSN Network Behavior Bank? This database features results from Barrier Analysis and Doer/NonDoer Studies conducted by food security and other practitioners globally. You can browse the database by country, region, and behavior studied to look for results for a particular area/behavior, or to look for patterns of barrier and enablers for a particular behavior or set of behaviors.

Download Resource: Barrier Analysis Questionnaires

Download Files:

File Guidance Document17.41 KB
File Hand Washing BA Questionnaire52.13 KB
File Food Density BA Questionnaire52.77 KB
File Food Variety BA Questionnaire27.9 KB
File Meal Frequency BA Questionnaire47.9 KB
File Continued Breastfeeding BA Questionnaire45.28 KB
File Exclusive Breastfeeding BA Questionnaire22.69 KB
File Latrine Use BA Questionnaire29.17 KB
File Modern Family Planning Use BA Questionnaire26.64 KB
File Assisted Delivery BA Questionnaire20.14 KB
File Care Seeking for Sick Child BA Questionnaire22.86 KB
File Children Sleep Under an ITN BA Questionnaire47.06 KB
File Best Market BA Questionnaire30.95 KB
File Bovine Pleuropneumonia Disease Vaccination for Cattle BA Questionnaire33.57 KB
File Composting BA Questionnaire31.33 KB
File Condom Use BA Questionnaire25.3 KB
File Consumption of Home-grown Legumes BA Questionnaire31.39 KB
File Drinking Water Treatment BA Questionnaire25.79 KB
File Farmers Don't Burn Their Fields BA Questionnaire28.91 KB
File Garbage Disposal BA Questionnaire47.61 KB
File Girls Education BA Questionnaire26.11 KB
File Grain Storage BA Questionnaire32.7 KB
File Intercropping BA Questionnaire31.92 KB
File Joint Decision-making BA Questionnaire31.06 KB
File Newcastle Disease Vaccination for Chickens BA Questionnaire33.78 KB
File ORS Use BA Questionnaire19.17 KB
File Profit Loss Calculation BA Questionnaire35.9 KB
File Seed Testing BA Questionnaire31.73 KB
File Storing Drinking Water in Covered Containers BA Questionnaire46.9 KB
File Sweet Potato BA Questionnaire25.47 KB
File Immediate Breastfeeding BA Questionnaire22.91 KB
File Double Digging BA Questionnaire27.22 KB
File Garlic Chili Pesticide Application BA Questionnaire30.68 KB
File Local Amendments BA Questionnaire29.96 KB
File Conducting Swales BA Questionnaire30 KB
File Tithonia Plant Fertilizer BA Questionnaire30.09 KB
File Yam Seed Planting BA Questionnaire25.74 KB
File Urea-Enriched Straw for Dairy Cows BA Questionnaire33.06 KB
File Mulching BA Questionnaire30.12 KB
File Care Seeking Danger Signs During Pregnancy BA Questionnaire31.98 KB
File IFA Consumption Pregnant Women BA Questionnaire35.45 KB
File Postnatal Consultation BA Questionnaire31.11 KB
File Postpartum Family Planning Consultation37.14 KB
File Youth Fruits and Vegetables BA Questionnaire36.82 KB
File Youth Alcohol BA Questionnaire36.8 KB
File Youth Physical Activity BA Questionnaire37.07 KB
File Youth Tobacco BA Questionnaire36.66 KB
Package icon All Barrier Analysis Questionnaires [ZIP FOLDER]1.31 MB
File Barrier Analysis Sample Questionnaire30.5 KB

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