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Boosting Rural Economic Opportunity in Haiti

Boosting Rural Economic Opportunity in Haiti

Posted by ejanoch on 25 Apr 2019

As #Haiti is holding this week its biggest finance summit, Kore Lavi is happy to share with you this report about a very productive sharing and learning event held in January 2019 around inclusive financing in rural areas. Discover here what actors like WOCCU, KNFP and DAI had to say about “Boosting Rural Economic Opportunity in Haiti: Saving groups, Resilience, Social Cohesion and Financial Inclusion in Rural Areas”.

CARE Haiti, on behalf of the Kore Lavi consortium, explained the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) methodology and its Impact on the most vulnerable rural households; and the members of Fidelité, a VSLA from the South East, testified and explained how they went from a very low share to becoming a collective enterprise serving beneficiaries of the safety net program and their entire community. Kore Lavi is a food security and nutrition program supported by USAID that has supported Haitians over 5 departments for the past 5 years.

As the program nears its end, Pierre, president of Fidelité confessed: “We are fully aware of the phasing-out of the Kore Lavi program, however we remain very calm because the program has given us with a tool that will allow us to continue generating incomes in many years to come. Therefore, our objective is to extend our business so that we can be the biggest staple food community shop in the commune of Cayes-Jacmel.”