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Care Groups and psychosocial care

Care Groups and psychosocial care

Posted by mhcarruth on 28 Feb 2018

Our Uganda program has been asked by UNHCR and BPRM to be more involved in mental health and psychosocial support in the refugee settlements.  We have been implementing Care Groups for a few years in the Southwest and West Nile regions and the team is interested in learning more about this forum as a venue for psychosocial support.  We would appreciate hearing about the experience of other Care Group implementers in integrating psychosocial care and the Care Group Approach.  
Thank you,
Mary Helen Carruth
Senior Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival Advisor
Medical Teams International


Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Groups (IPT-G) and Care Groups

Posted by tdavis on 8 Jun 2018

We are testing (together with FH, JHUSPH and Columbia) the use of IPT-G and Care Groups in Kitgum, Uganda, and early indications are that 100% of the women who had moderate, moderate-severe and severe depression were no longer depressed after three months of treatment using IPT-G.  While we trained separate IPT-G Promoters and Care Group Promoters to help reduce contamination in this C-RTC, and to avoid having the IPT-G Promoters continuing the IPT-G treatment via Care Groups, if you are not doing a rigorous study, I would suggest training the Care Group Promoters in IPT-G.  Lena Verdeli (I can provide a contact) could put you in touch with IPT-G trainers.  StrongMinds in Uganda also trains people in IPT-G, but I am not sure of the degree to which the IPT-G they use checks all the boxes in terms of fidelity to the original approach. Here's the training manual, but I strongly suggest you have a good IPT-G trainer do the training if you go with that method.  Food for the Hungry may want to partner with you on this, and they have trained IPT-G Promoters who are ending their work with FH soon.  You could contact Erin Pfeiffer at FH about that, or FH staff in Kitgum. 

Take care,

Tom Davis, MPH

Global Sector Lead for Sustainable Health

World Vision International

Geneva, Switzerland (as of 1 July)

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