Comment on FY 2019 Draft Request for Applications (RFA) for Kenya

Comments due February 11

Please find the draft Fiscal Year 2019 Request for Applications (RFA) for development food security activities (DFSAs) in Kenya. All background and programmatic information for this solicitation can be found directly within the RFA. Comments on the FY 2019 draft RFA for Kenya are due on Monday, February 4, 2019 at noon ET.
USAID/Office of Food for Peace (FFP) is proposing a phased approach for this development activity in Kenya. The first 18-24 months will constitute a research and collaborative design phase (Phase 1), with a subsequent transition to a systems-driven implementation and institutional strengthening phase (Phase 2). As part of this approach, a Technical Steering Committee, made up of USAID staff, DFSA staff, and Government of Kenya representatives, will serve to provide strategic and technical direction to the DFSA(s) and to support the program objectives and outcomes.
Because this version of the RFA for Kenya is in draft and subject to change, all potential applicants are strongly advised to wait for the final version before starting to work on an application.
Please note that no USAID/FFP country backstop officers or field representatives should be contacted in any way about information contained in the draft RFA materials. As stated in the draft RFA, all comments and inquiries should be directed to by Monday, February 11, 2019 at noon ET