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Commodity Management

The Commodity Management Task Force (CMTF) is a community of practitioners working to increase effectiveness and efficiency of commodity management systems of development and emergency food assistance programs. It is composed of subject matter experts from Title II grantee NGOs.  It provides an inclusive forum for sharing, adapting, refining and disseminating information, methodologies, tools and promising practices on commodity management. A few of the key activities of the CMTF are as follows:

  • Develop core competencies and self-assessment tools for key commodity management staff
  • Review and standardize commodity management tools developed by Title II implementing NGOs
  • Facilitate sharing, adapting, refining and disseminating resources, methodologies, tools and promising practices on commodity management
  • Enhance NGO staff capacity in commodity management
  • Develop Commodity Management Toolkit and CM e-Learning Module

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Meetings and Events

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Task Force Recommended Tools

This task force recommends the following tools for implementers of Title II, Food for Peace funded development food assistance programs.

Commodity Management Toolkit

The Commodity Management Toolkit is a one-stop operational guide for anyone working on programs using food commodity. It provides staff quick access to the specific information they need on minimum requirements, whenever and wherever they need it. Learn more about the toolkit and access it here!

Online Discussion

Click here to participate in an online discussion on commodity management.

How to Get Involved

Participation in the Commodity Management Task Force of the FSN Network is open to implementers of food security and nutrition programs.

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