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Congratulations to the SBC Task Force!

Congratulations to the SBC Task Force!

Posted by ysongowilliams on 10 Jan 2017

The top 3 downloads from the resource library were all SBC resources, and recommended by the Task Force.

Task Force members have been quite active in developing, refining and sharing SBC information and resources for increasing the impact of food security programs. And they have done this in so many different ways: webinars, online  discussions, Task Force-recommended tools in the resource library.

A big THANK YOU to you all!

Here are the top 3 downloaded resources:

Designing for Behavior Change: For Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Health and Nutrition

Make Me a Change Agent: A Multisectoral SBC Resource for Community Workers and Field Staff

Care Groups: A Training Manual for Program Design and Implementation


Check out the rest of the list here.