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Conservation Farming & Conservation Agriculture Handbooks - 2007 Edition

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Conservation Farming Unit
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Conservation Farming & Conservation Agriculture Handbook for Ox Farmers in Agro-Ecological Regions l & lla 2007 Edition has recommendations that will increase crop yields, reduce production costs and improve the fer tility of their soils. They will also be in a better position to confront the threat of climate change and will regenerate the environments in which they live. The farming systems recommended are practical and can be easily understood and adopted by all serious farmers.

Conservation Farming & Conservation Agriculture Handbook for HOE Farmer s in Agro Ecological Regions I & IIa - Flat Culture 2007 Edition is for those who follow flat culture rather than ridge culture. The results of Conservation Farming (CF) speak for themselves and many thousands of small-scale farmers in Zambia are now benefiting from these simple practices. This Handbook also explains the principles of Conservation Agriculture (CA). If conservation farmers adopt CA, the benefits to them will be even greater. If farmers are to reap the many benefits of CF and CA it is essential that they are carefully trained in the basic practices.