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Consortium Management and Leadership Training Facilitator's Guide

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More than ever, international development organizations see the consortium model as a viable framework for addressing the challenges associated with the implementation of complex programs at a significant scale. Yet, those of us with experience working on a consortium understand that establishing a highly-functional consortium with multiple partner organizations is often easier said than done. The CAFÉ Standards from Catholic Relief Services and other conceptual frameworks have helped project designers and planners to address key considerations in the planning of a consortium, but what happens once a consortium is already formed and implementation begins?

The Consortium Management and Leadership Training Facilitator’s Guide offers a reflective process to strengthen the consortium management and leadership skills of the senior leadership team of a consortium, technical team leaders within partner organizations, and the senior management of local partner organizations for Food for Peace-funded development food assistance programs.

Although this guide approaches consortium management with foremost consideration for the implications for Food for Peace-funded development food assistance programs, this consortium management and leadership training can serve as a useful framework for strengthening consortia of any type.

This guide was funded by a TOPS Micro Grant.

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