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COVID-19 HygieneHub: Rapid expert advice and information exchange

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The COVID-19 Hygiene Hub is a free service to help actors in low- and middle-income countries rapidly share, design, and adapt evidence-based hygiene interventions to combat coronavirus.
The COVID-19 Hygiene Hub has three principal functions:  
1. to connect institutions and organizations implementing hygiene programmes in response to COVID-19 with technical and creative experts who can answer questions and provide detailed advice in real time,
2. to provide access to a searchable set of resources which summarise current evidence and guidelines and make practical recommendations for crisis-affected or LMIC settings, 
3. to offer a platform for sharing what is working among governments, international organizations, and civil society actors.
A preliminary version of the Hygiene Hub website is now accessible. New resources and functions will be added regularly based on user requests and feedback.
The COVID-19 Hygiene Hub is a broad partnership housed at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) that draws on scientific, operational and creative expertise from a network of individuals and organizations from around the world. Please visit the website for more details on our growing list of technical experts and creative partners. Learn more and access the resources by visiting:

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