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Curious Conversations. Or, Any volunteers to talk about innovations?

Curious Conversations. Or, Any volunteers to talk about innovations?

Posted by ejanoch on 2 Aug 2017

My team at CARE is experimenting with "Curiousity Coffees." inspired by the book A Curious Mind from Hollywood producer Brain Grazer. Essentially, the idea is to meet for coffee, real or virtual, and spend 30 minutes talking about some new idea you're trying out and excited about. The idea is to help us have low-key conversations about cool new ideas and break down some silos without putting a huge amount of pressure on the documentation or evidence side of things.  The point is not to bring only completely proven ideas to the table, but consider where there are glimmerings of new ideas that the development space can build on.

What do you get out of the deal? Besides a chance to talk to one of my charming teammates (I promise, they are worth it), we'd type up the idea/innovation into one page of notes that you can share with anyone you like. If you're interested, we'd be happy to talk about one of our new ideas or innovations and make it more of a trade.

Any takers?  Shoot me an e-mail at  If you have thoughts on whether this idea has merit, I'd love to hear them.  Thumbs up? Terrible plan?  Meh?

You had me at ‘low-key’…

Posted by ysongowilliams on 3 Aug 2017

'Meh?’ To the contrary: brilliant!

Coffee conversations happen all the time, and using them like this allows people to share useful information, transfer knowledge and build connections; all in a low-pressure way.

Keeping things stress-free creates an environment that encourages these kinds of interactions and allows them to happen freely, with great ideas for exploration/collaboration/cross-fertilization sometimes rising to the top.

And coffee chats are fun, which for me is always key!

I am definitely shooting you an email after this; I think our friends at LEARN also have coffee chats; sure they have some additional perspective.

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