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Francophone Knowledge Sharing Meeting

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

November 18 - 20, 2013

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The fifth TOPS Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) Network Regional Knowledge Sharing Meeting brought together 136 implementers, donors, and researchers from 39 different organizations and 17 countries for peer learning, knowledge sharing, and networking around food security and nutrition program implementation in Francophone countries.   

The meeting strengthened collaboration between food security and nutrition implementing partners across sectors, organizations, and funding sources, while providing a platform for discussion of new evidence and recommendations relevant to food security and nutrition programming and opportunities for exchange of ideas and problem solving around issues of common concern. 


Program Booklet


Resilience in Action

Enhancing Donor-Implementer Collaboration

Concurrent Sessions

Monday, November 18

Measuring Resilience

Moving In and Out of Emergencies: How This Affects Health and Nutrition Activities in Development Programs

Productivity and Climate Change: Sustainable Land Development and Restoration

Environmental Enteropathy, Stunting and Behavior Change

Risk Management: Early Warning, Drought Cycles, and Other Key Tools for Practitioners

Fraud Prevention in Commodity Management

Tuesday, November 19

Grandmothers: An Abundant and Underutilized Cultural Resource for Promoting Child and Maternal Nutrition and Health

Improving Seed Systems and Storage: Opportunies and Services

Using Technology for Beneficiary Registration and Tracking

Using Food Aid in New Ways to Enhance Resiliency

Strategies for Achieving Environmental Safeguards to Enhance Community-Level Food Security in the African Context

Using Care Groups to Build Resilience in Food Security and Community Health Programs

Is Gender Only a Woman's Issue? Breaking Stereotypes in the Program Environment

Informal Microfinance and Household Resilience

Wednesday, November 20

Sharing Approaches for Achieving Improved Nutrition Through Agriculture

Management of Complex Programs: Working Effectively in a Consortium Environment

Barrier Analysis: Lessons from the Field

Developing Determinant-linked Behavior Change Activities

Achieving Gender Integration in Programming: A Panel Discussion on Including Recommendations for the Gender Analysis

MARKit: Monitoring, Analysis and Response Kit for Adaptive Food Assistance Programs