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Stakeholder Meeting on FFP's Second Food Aid and Food Security Assessment

FFP commissioned the Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANTA) Project to undertake the second Food Aid and Food Security Assessment (FAFSA-2).  The aim of FAFSA-2 was to document the overall achievements of Title II development programs during the period from Fiscal Years 2003-2009. The assessment, carried out by Roberta Van Haeften, Mary Ann Anderson, Herbert Caudill and Eamonn Kilmartin, examined 101 programs in 28 countries to identify approaches adopted and results achieved in principal Title II technical sectors along with promising practices, innovations, lessons learned, strengths, weaknesses, and constraints to achieving results.

FANTA-III in partnership with TOPS, hosted a variety of stakeholder meetings to present the overall results, and invite community discussion on selected recommendations. Visit the FANTA website to view various presentations on the report.