Environmental Enteropathy, Stunting and Behavior Change


Monday, 18 November, 2013


Presenter: Bonnie Kittle, Independent Consultant, Kittle Consulting

Recent studies have shown that there is a link between poor sanitation and stunting in children. During this session participants heard an introduction to Environmental Enteropathy (EE) including what EE is and how it leads to stunting, what the primary causes are and how food security projects could address EE.  Through small group work participants identified the potential causes of EE in their own project areas and discussed ways to address these in culturally appropriate ways.

Participants discussed the ways children ingest feces, including children playing in dirty places and using the same water to drink, wash, swim, etc. They also discussed how to prevent children from eating dirty things. Suggestions included using clean mats, not leaving the children alone, increasing participation of grandmothers in care of children, increasing participation of husbands in gathering water, closing off the kitchen to chickens, and using a playpen. 

(English) Presentation