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Communication Skills for Remote Program Implementation

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Caroline Trutmann Marconi / Save the Children
10:45am - 11:15am ET
Thematic Area 2: Challenges and Opportunities in a Virtual World

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Both recording and presentation are in Spanish.

This event was a session at the Food Security COVID-19 Learning Event.

This session presented one of the main challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in Colombia. The mobility restriction in the country, which prevented the usual field activities from being carried out at a time of increased vulnerability has led implementers to adapt interventions, taking advantage of existing tools and processes, to offer support remotely. In order to provide remote assistance, technology such as computers, cell phones, internet, and telephone plans are needed, but this is not enough. It requires advanced communication skills to be able to break through trust barriers and establish communication for effective care.

Esta sesión presentó uno de los principales retos causada por la pandemia de COVID-19. La restricción de la movilidad en Colombia, que impidió llevar a cabo las actividades habituales sobre el terreno en un momento de mayor vulnerabilidad y necesito que los implementadores adaptasen las intervenciones, aprovechando los materiales y procesos existentes, para ofrecer apoyo a distancia. Para ofrecer asistencia a distancia se necesita tecnología como ordenadores, teléfonos móviles, Internet y planes telefónicos, pero esto no es suficiente. Se necesitan habilidades de comunicación avanzadas para poder romper las barreras de la confianza y establecer la comunicación para una atención eficaz.


Andrea Garcia, Coordinadora de Nutrición y Seguridad Alimentaria, Save the Children

Andrea García México is a D.F. Nutritionist and Specialist in Food and Nutrition in Health Promotion. She is also an advisor for breastfeeding for the Corporación Comunidad de la Leche where she has worked as a research assistant, supervising the health and nutrition component. She holds a Master in Genetic, Nutritional and Environmental Determinants of Growth and Development. She currently coordinates the nutrition component in emergencies at Save the Children Colombia.

Stefania Echeverry, MERA Coordinator for PTM and Livelihoods, Save the Children

Stefania Echeverry is MERA Coordinator for PTM and Livelihoods at Save the Children in Colombia. She is experienced in design and implementation of the monitoring & follow-up system - MERA, and in processes that allow compliance with quality standards in information management. She also has experience in team integration and leadership.