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Data Requirements for HDP-Oriented Contingency Planning

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Lim Sokchanlina / Save the Children
8:00am - 9:30am ET

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This session will explore the data and analytics necessary to produce accurate scenarios for emergency contingency plans, as the basis for more effective and scalable crisis modifiers in program design. How do we integrate community-based and participatory processes to ensure a more holistic analysis of risks and hazards for effective decision-making? How can we collect and analyze more complete information for improved contingency planning? What are critical data gaps and additional information we need to make better programming decisions?

The session will also focus on the complementary information systems, such as early warning and M&E systems, that need to be in place to monitor indicators, trigger action, and understand results.

*This event will be in English with French interpretation*

This event is part of the thematic area: Data for Decision-Making in HDP Coherence