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The Forest Garden Training Center’s Forest Garden Certification

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Jeff Holt
Jun 4, 2020
8:00pm - 8:00pm EST
Trees for the Future

Through the science and application of Ecological Agriculture and Agroforestry, Trees for the Future has adapted a centuries-old, indigenous farming practice into a proven, replicable, scalable model that restores degraded monocropped farmland into biodiverse forest gardens, we call this the Forest Garden Approach (FGA). 

Why Certification?

The Forest Garden Training Center’s Forest Garden Certification is an intensive course and exam that provides agroforestry and international development practitioners with the tools and knowledge needed to implement and train others in the Forest Garden Approach. Trees for the Future’s Forest Garden Training Center and our Forest Garden Practitioner Certification are widely known and respected throughout the international development and agroforestry communities. This United Nations recognized certification ensures mastery of agroforestry skills valuable for agriculture and community development agents, and gives you industry knowledge and credentials to lead climate adaptation and sustainable agriculture events and workshops. 

For the first time, Trees for the Future’s staff will be hosting regular guided reviews of the course materials over the six-week challenge. Practitioners will have the opportunity to follow live Q&A sessions and access study guides. By June 5th, World Environment Day, each participant will be prepared to take the certification exam. 

How to Participate

This certification challenge is open to everyone: Whether you are a farmer, student, or work with farming communities through an international organization, you’re encouraged to join.

  1. Create a free FGTC account by registering at in order to receive all communications and necessary resources throughout the 6 week series.
  2. Follow our study guides and read through the Technical Manual.
  3. Tune in every Wednesday for a live Q&A session on the week’s topics.
  4. Take the Exam on World Environment Day.
  5. Add the FGTC certified badge on your social media accounts, resume, and email signature.
  6. Start helping change the world through the power of the Forest Garden Approach.