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Less Risk, More Reward: Empowering Smallholder Coffee Farmers to Better Manage Risk

hands carrying berries
Root Capital
Jun 16, 2021
10:00am - 11:00am EST
Feed the Future

Smallholder coffee farmers operate in a world of risk. Rapidly changing prices, adverse weather, pests, and disease – alone or together, these shocks can quickly undo the promise of a successful coffee growing season and severely diminish smallholders’ incomes and food security.

How can smallholder coffee farmers better manage risk? Drawing from the experiences of Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation program partners – Farm Africa/Root CapitalNeumann Gruppe GmbH, and Oikocredit – this webinar offers a global perspective on innovative risk-management initiatives that are enabling smallholders to reap more rewards and face less risk as they cultivate this high-value crop.

Panelists will share insights and lessons learned ranging from non-profit- and lender-driven specialized trainings that help coffee farmers manage volatile price fluctuations, to private sector businesses that deliver financing, inputs, and technical know-how into their supply chains to help farmers mitigate risk while contributing to a more sustainable coffee industry.