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SLAM Meeting: Busting Barriers to Reflection and Learning in Humanitarian Contexts

A teenager stands in front of a shelter following an earthquake.
Ceyda Yelkalan / Save the Children
8:30am - 10:00am ET

Join the Strategic Learning & Adaptive Management (SLAM) peer community for a meeting on May 7, 2024 focused on exploring the barriers to reflection and learning in humanitarian contexts and considering ways around those barriers for improved adaptive management. 

In humanitarian contexts, time is of the essence. Action is needed urgently. Contextual changes occur often and are unpredictable. The ability for a program to pivot quickly or adapt activities to be more responsive to the changing needs of affected communities is crucial. However, it is in these contexts that taking time for collaborative reflection and learning with staff and stakeholders seems out of reach, if not, downright impossible. But, without learning, how can activity leadership be sure the best decisions are being made to maximize benefits to affected communities? In this session, IDEAL will explore this dichotomy with speakers and the audience to identify practical tips maximizing learning in humanitarian programs.

This session will be highly participatory. IDEAL wants to hear from the audience: What are their perceived and experienced barriers to reflection and learning in their own contexts? Our two speakers, Grace Chebet and Brenda Barrett, will share their own understanding of the same barriers and the ways in which they overcame those barriers in their programs. This meeting will be a true peer learning event, as we work together to consider manageable strategies for improving learning in humanitarian contexts.

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Headshot of Grace ChebetGrace Chebet is a monitoring and evaluation expert with over seven years of experience in monitoring, evaluation, learning and research. She is currently serving as the Country MEL Manager for Mercy Corps Nigeria, supporting 11 programs. She formulates MEL strategies and sets up M&E systems in development and humanitarian settings and is especially interested in improving knowledge management and evidence-based learning in remote, crisis-affected contexts.


Headshot of Brenda BarrettBrenda Barrett is the Senior Director of the Peacebuilding, Stabilization, and Transition (PST) Portfolio at Nickol Global Solutions (NGS). Brenda brings more than 20 years of both technical and management experience in democracy and governance programming in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and MENA regions. Brenda has an MS degree and a PhD in International Development from Tulane University, a Diploma in African Political Studies from the University of Cape Town, and a BA in Politics from the University of San Francisco.