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Facilitator’s Guide: Integrated Pest Management and Fumigation Safety

Virginia Vaughn
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The TOPS Program
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The Facilitator’s Guide: Integrated Pest Management and Fumigation Safety is a set of four guides designed to assist NGO staff decrease losses of stored food commodities due to pests. The curriculum includes three technical modules – Pesticide Compliance, Integrated Pest Management, and Phosphine Fumigation – as well as a Workshop Design guide that provides suggestions for developing and delivering IPM and fumigation safety training events.


Module 1: Pesticide Compliance covers the regulations concerning pesticide use with stored commodity in USAID-funded activities. Knowledge of these regulations is essential for program management, commodity management, and any other staff responsible for completing or monitoring the USAID Pesticide Evaluation Report and Safer Use Action Plan (PERSUAP).


Module 2: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) introduces the learner to the minimum standard IPM practices that should be implemented in every warehouse to reduce commodity loss due to pest infestation and thereby reduce the need for phosphine fumigation.


Module 3: Phosphine Fumigation covers the actual process of fumigation with phosphine gas. Though learners are not expected to conduct a fumigation themselves, this module allows organizations to ensure contracted providers follow the USAID regulations related to phosphine fumigation.


Each of the four guides provides detailed session plans for delivering a presentation and facilitating related activities. The guides are accompanied by external materials to support learning, including editable handouts for adaption to local context, videos, and additional reference materials for further learning. These step-by-step, user-friendly guides can be used to deliver standalone, targeted trainings on a single module or delivered sequentially as a longer workshop.

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