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Feedback Requested! KM and M&E Collaboration

Feedback Requested! KM and M&E Collaboration

Posted by hollycollins on 29 Jun 2017

Thank you to those who joined us today for our June Knowledge Management Task Force meeting! You can view the event page here, where you will find the webinar recording, notes, and documents discussed at the meeting.

Our main topic for this meeting was discussing two resources our Task Force has been working on to highlight, explain, and promote collaboration between KM practitioners and M&E practitioners. The discussion of collaboration between KM and M&E has been going on since we hosted a joint KM and M&E Task Force meeting in 2015. We have picked out several similarities between KM and M&E functions, including the facilitation of collaborative learning and working across sectors to be successful. These similarities point to a growing need for sustained and coordinated collaboration between project-level KM and M&E functions. Basically, we believe if this coordinated collaboration happens, we can achieve stronger program design and implementation that leads to better results.

We have created two documents so far to help articulate this need and the potential to work together, explained below. Please note that both are in draft form, and we have not yet implemented feedback from today's meeting. You can access these documents via the links below, and they have also been uploaded and attached to this post.

  1. Infographic: This infographic demonstrates the value that collaboration can bring to each sector. The infographic is broken up into how KM can strengthen M&E activities and how M&E can strengthen KM activities. It is designed to be more of an advocacy tool for demonstrating the value of investing in joint KM and M&E work.
  2. Chart: This chart provides practical guidance on recommended activities to implement across the program cycle to drive collaboration and capture information and learning. It highlights specific ways KM and M&E can and should work together.

Participants at the meeting gave extremely valuable feedback on these two items. See the meeting notes or recording on this page to go through the feedback that was already given.

If you missed the meeting, we want to know: What do you think of these documents? Do you agree or disagree with the statements and activities shown? Do you find these to be helpful tools, or are they confusing? If you were at the meeting, please feel free to add any additional points you've thought of or clarify any feedback you gave at the meeting, as well as respond to others.

We're excited to fine tune and finalize these tools in the coming months for wider dissemination to the KM and M&E communities! We will keep the Task Force updated on these documents. If you are not a member of the Task Force, you can join for free here.