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Field Officer Training Guide

Hugh Allen ,
Mark Staehle
Organizational Authors: 
VSL Associates
Year Published: 


This manual is part of a 2-part series: the first to be used by Field Officers (FOs) and the second by Village Agents (VAs).

FOs are paid employees of a Facilitating Agency (FA) or its partner organisations, who create and train Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs)

VAs are community-based trainers who are not paid employees of the project

We have developed the manuals in order to provide straightforward guidance to FOs and VAs on how to train VSLAs, reduced to the essentials. We have deliberately avoided suggesting a step-by-step training system, since implementing organisations may have their own pedagogical approach. Rather, we have specified what needs to be achieved and have focused more on group-level outputs and procedures.

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