Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Program Statement for Emergency Food

USAID's Office of Food for Peace has published the final FY 2019  Office of Food for Peace Annual Program Statement (APS), 72DFFP19APS00001, for International Emergency Food Assistance. 

Any concept papers submitted after the date of this amendment will be considered under 72DFFP19APS00001. Concept papers submitted under the APS No. APS-FFP-17- 000001 prior to this amendment, and any applications invited by USAID as a result of such concept papers, will continue to be processed under APS No. APS- FFP-17-000001.

The FY 2019 APS, FFP Summary of changes for FY 19 APS, and amendment no. 2 to APS- FFP-17-000001 are available on the USAID website