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This forum is for discussions related to the use of Care Groups activities in food security and nutrition projects - especially Title II, Food-for-Peace Development Food Assistance Programs. 

If you're interested in this topic, then you might find these useful:

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Care Groups and psychosocial care

Posted: 28 Feb 2018 by mhcarruth
Last Post: 8 Jun 2018 by by tdavis

Hello,   Our Uganda program has been asked by UNHCR and BPRM to be more involved in mental health and psychosocial...


Dear colleagues, The Food Aid Quality Review (FAQR) project team is happy to share the publication of “Effective...


Using Care Groups in Emergencies

Posted: 28 Jun 2017 by wuliejong
Last Post: 29 Jun 2017 by by Kim Buttonow

Hi everyone, Peter Ndungu and I (Julie Tanaka), from Samaritan's Purse, did a presentation on using Care Groups in...

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Applying the Care Group Model in a Relief Context

Posted: 18 May 2017 by mdecoster
Last Post: 18 May 2017 by by mdecoster

Dear Care Group Forward Interest Group Members, I have been contacted by a graduate student, who is writing a master’s...

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Help us update the list of Care Groups Implementers

Posted: 25 Apr 2017 by mdecoster
Last Post: 25 Apr 2017 by by mdecoster

Hi everyone,   We aim to update the implementer information in every year...


Greetings-  It has come to our attention that perhaps a few out there may not be getting postings from the...

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Meeting Nov 30 on Care Groups Registers! Nov 30, 11:30 AM ET

Posted: 21 Nov 2016 by mdecoster
Last Post: 21 Nov 2016 by by mdecoster

We would like to invite everyone to our next interest group meeting,  Nov 30, 11:30 AM Eastern Time to...


We are grateful to IMC for translating into Arabic The Practical Guide to Conducting Barrier Analysis and the Barrier...

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Hi everyone, Have you seen this new reference guide in the FSN Network resource library?

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DFID Funded Care Groups

Posted: 13 Jun 2016 by BKittle
Last Post: 13 Jun 2016 by by btidwell

Greetings Again - I wonder if anyone has ever received funding from DFID to implement a project with the Care Group...

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Care Groups in India

Posted: 7 Jun 2016 by BKittle
Last Post: 7 Jun 2016 by by BKittle

Greetings All! I am wondering if anyone knows of any NGOs who are using the Care Group approach anywhere in India....

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Encouraging Parents to Play with Infants and Toddlers

Posted: 31 May 2016 by mdecoster
Last Post: 31 May 2016 by by mdecoster

Check out his article in the New York Times --


Reading and Responding to Your Baby - Webinar

Posted: 13 Apr 2016 by mdecoster
Last Post: 13 Apr 2016 by by Gerald Zafimanjaka

Dear Care Groups Forward Interest Group Members, You may be interested in the recording of this recent webinar on the...


I wanted to highlight the new Pathfinder training modules I recently explored, which are for teaching reproductive health...

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Online Meeting March 3rd 11:30 AM EST

Posted: 24 Feb 2016 by mdecoster
Last Post: 24 Feb 2016 by by mdecoster

Dear Care Groups Forward members, Please join us for a Care Groups Forward Interest Group meeting on March 3rd at 11:...

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Care Groups in Conflict Settings

Posted: 16 Feb 2016 by gillianmc
Last Post: 20 Feb 2016 by by gillianmc

Dear FSN Community, Does anyone have evidence in using Care Groups in unstable conflict settings (i.e. Syria)? I...


Neighbor Group Registers - what extra info is collected?

Posted: 24 Sep 2015 by BKittle
Last Post: 9 Nov 2015 by by Lucia Gwete

I'd like to know if any Care Group programs ask their CG Volunteers (Lead Mothers) to collect more information than the...


Care Groups and the Community Action Cycle

Posted: 2 Sep 2015 by cboswell
Last Post: 2 Sep 2015 by by cboswell

Has anybody tried merging/integrating the Community Action Cycle into Care Groups?

Care Groups and CLTS

Posted: 14 May 2015 by Elizabeth Crosby
Last Post: 4 Jun 2015 by by Elizabeth Crosby

Hello, Samaritan's Purse Liberia is using Care Groups and CLTS in the same program area and I was wondering if anyone...

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Nicole Weber from Mercy Corps in the DRC, using the Care Groups approach in a large WatSan project, has an...