Knowledge Management

This forum is a space to share our experiences, wins and challenges with implementing knowledge management (KM) across our respective programs. Here you can ask questions, share tips and promising KM practices, as well as share information on tools and approaches that support better networking and knowledge sharing.


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Being a part of The TOPS Program’s Knowledge Management Team, I have seen how our partners, who attend our trainings and...


My team at CARE is experimenting with "Curiousity Coffees." inspired by the book A Curious Mind from Hollywood producer...


Feedback Requested! KM and M&E Collaboration

Posted: 29 Jun 2017 by hollycollins
Last Post: 29 Jun 2017 by by hollycollins

Thank you to those who joined us today for our June Knowledge Management Task Force meeting! You can view the event page...


Creating Culture for CLA

Posted: 15 Jun 2017 by atodela
Last Post: 15 Jun 2017 by by atodela

Collaborating, learning and adapting (CLA) is USAID’s approach to improving its organizational effectiveness to deliver...


How do we measure success with Communities of Practice?

Posted: 20 Mar 2017 by ysongowilliams
Last Post: 19 Apr 2017 by by hollycollins

I’ll be attending a KM4DEV practitioners’ workshop in Seattle on April 6 and 7, during which attendees will share...


Let’s talk about KM certification. I’m still relatively new to the KM world, and I’ve heard that the need for a KM...


What do you look for in a Knowledge Manager?

Posted: 9 Jan 2017 by ejanoch
Last Post: 20 Mar 2017 by by ysongowilliams

These days, I get a ton of questions about what it means to do knowledge management, and how to hire knowledge managers....


'F' is for Failure.

Posted: 9 Feb 2017 by ysongowilliams
Last Post: 1 Mar 2017 by by scrass

We just finished off quite an honest discussion on ‘Learning from Failure’ at the February 9th KMTF meeting with...


Video Storytelling: Questions? Issues? Ideas? Let's chat!

Posted: 10 Feb 2017 by hollycollins
Last Post: 14 Feb 2017 by by atodela

Hi everyone! Thanks again SO much for all of those who attended this week's workshop Video Storytelling: Narratives...


I’m not playing favorites here, but the KMTF deserves some congratulations. Our TOPS-developed and TF-recommended ‘...


I have just attended a very enjoyable and stimulating three-day Learning Agenda workshop in Washington DC hosted by...


Dear Colleagues, FFP is working on the annual update of their Technical References document (which accompanies the RFA...


Facebook at Work for Online Communities

Posted: 15 Aug 2016 by hollycollins
Last Post: 17 Nov 2016 by by hollycollins

Dear colleagues, I hope you all enjoyed the KM Summer Series Session 1 as much as I did! Stan Garfield offered a lot of...


Online Community and Webinar Engagement Tips

Posted: 25 Aug 2016 by Shelia Jackson
Last Post: 29 Aug 2016 by by ysongowilliams

During today's third installment of the webinar series, "Why It Matters - Creating and Measuring Successful Online...


Hi everyone! We just finished our final session of our Summer Series, Why It Matters - Creating and Measuring...


Assessing the Health of Your Online Community

Posted: 19 Aug 2016 by hollycollins
Last Post: 19 Aug 2016 by by hollycollins

Hi everyone! Yesterday the Knowledge Management Task Force hosted Richard Millington of Feverbee and author of ...


Hi everyone: The TOPS Program Knowledge Management Team was lucky enough to host community evangelist and knowledge...


Dear colleagues, I came across this TED talk on the Military Case for Sharing Knowledge: in which Stanley McChrystal...


Your experiences with CMS (Contact Management Systems)

Posted: 14 Jul 2016 by mmurphy
Last Post: 19 Jul 2016 by by mmurphy

Hi there- We are in the process of selecting a CMS to manage our technical contacts for our project. We have some...


Best Practices and Cultural Differences

Posted: 29 Jun 2016 by Shelia Jackson
Last Post: 6 Jul 2016 by by ysongowilliams

There was an interesting article (link below) in yesterday's Harvard Business Review discussing how best practices do not...