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The gender analysis process in Food For Peace development programs: Bridging the gap between consultants and implementing partners

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 9:00am to 10:00am

The demand for gender analysis consultants is growing.  Earlier this year, TOPS distributed a survey to consultants and implementing partners to find out what each is seeking and where gaps exist in the gender analysis process.  During this one hour webinar, we summarized the survey results and shared resources to bridge the connection between consultants and implementing partners of Food For Peace development programs.  Participants had the opportunity to contribute comments and resources in response to the survey results as well as answer questions.

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Event Resources:

Event Recording

Event Presentation

Webinar: What do you know/not known about the gender context that can impede or facilitate progress along the project Theory of Change? 

Webinar: Gender Analysis and the Theory of Change

Resource Requests from Consultants and Implementing Partners

Recommendations for Consultants

  • What you can do before a consultancy is advertised?
    • Familiarize yourself with key FFP documents which include:
      • FFP 2016-2025 Strategy. Why is this important? It sets the stage for what a FPP program looks like. 
      • ADS Chapter 205. This document provides information about internal USAID expectations and policies for gender integration. The information in this document is reflected in solicitations (RFAs) and other relevant USAID documents. 
      • Within the FFP website, there is a section on Development Programs. Documents pertaining to solicitations for specific countries are listed here. Another key document is the Technical Reference Chapters. This document provides guidance and recommendations for most components of FFP development programs. The gender section is critically important to read, but to fully understand the scope of FFP programs, it is suggested one reads the full document. 
      • Additional resources, including links to past webinars, will be available on this event's web page. Two webinars on the gender analysis process, including one about the Theory of Change, are available. 
  • In applying for the consultancy
    • Familiarize yourself with the country-specific documents on the FFP Development Programs website. Under "Requests for Application"  look for the country of the consultancy. Also, look for information on the Country Fact Sheet page. 
    • Familiarize yourself with the implementing partner's gender policy, frameworks, and other key documents. If they are not listed on the organization's website, place a request with the organization for these documents. The worst that can happen is they will not respond to your email or tell you no. 
  • At the start of a consultancy

Questions? Please contact Kristi Tabaj,