PRO-WASH Award: Market Development Strategy

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Note: This grant opportunity is now closed and is no longer accepting further applicants.


In many locations around the globe, people struggle daily with access to clean drinking water and facilities that support proper sanitation and hygiene.

Poverty, weak government systems, and acute/chronic crises both create and exacerbate the WASH challenges vulnerable people face. In many circumstances, the development community and the beneficiaries we work alongside know what is needed, but the solution to the problem remains out of reach due to cost, lack of sustainability-related to social-cultural barriers, or challenges within the broader enabling environment.

PRO-WASH called on the WASH community to combine proven practices with new research, innovative technologies, and creative policies to develop affordable, sustainable solutions that meet the WASH needs of the vulnerable populations assisted by BHA programming. 

This RFA was designed to address one of the major challenges facing USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) implementing partners: ensuring the long-term sustainability of key sanitation and hygiene products and services as part of multi-sectoral food security programming. Specifically, this RFA was meant to solicit applications for a market development strategy for sanitation and hygiene supplies and services for RISE II implementation areas in the Maradi and Zinder regions of Southern Niger.

Who Should Apply

Each PRO-WASH award is aimed toward members of the WASH community (non-governmental organizations, research institutions, private-sector firms) who can bring proven practices together with new research, innovative technologies, creative policies, and other approaches to develop affordable, sustainable solutions to meet the WASH needs of the vulnerable populations.

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PRO-WASH Award: Market Development Strategy for Improved Latrines and Hand-Washing in Niger

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