Food Security and Nutrition Network

Knowledge Management Task Force Meeting November 10

Event Details
Thursday, November 10, 2016 - 11:00am to 12:30pm

FSN Network's Knowledge Management Task Force reflected on its summer series on online engagement, the TOPS/FSN Network 2016 Regional Knowledge Sharing Meeting in Kampala, Uganda, and also presented two tools for task force recommendation. 

Meeting Recording

Meeting Notes

2016 Summer Series on Online Engagement 

2016 TOPS/FSN Network Regional Knowledge Sharing Meeting in Kampala, Uganda

Two Tools for Recommendation:


I. Introduction of Attendees

II. Reflections from KMTF's 2016 Summer Series on Online Engagement

III. Reflections from 2016 TOPS/FSN Network's Regional Knowledge Sharing Meeting in Kampala, Uganda

Justin Lawrence, Assessing and Learning Portfolio Manager at the QED Group, LLC, spoke about his impressions of the conference from both the presenter and participant perspectives. Justin was a presenter for the concurrent session: From Data to Decision-Making: Utilizing Evaluations and Reports to Inform Strategy.

Justin, with colleague Meaghan Murphy, also shared a recent event from Agrilinks that is relevant to his presentation at the Regional Knowledge Sharing Meeting. How Can Enabling Environment Reform Facilitate Agricultural Sector Growth?

IV. Tools for Recommendation

Kristina Granger, SBCC Manager at SPRING, gave an overview of the Community Video for Nutrition Guide, and answered questions regarding the tool. 

See SPRING's interactive page for the resource.

Shelia Jackson, Senior KM Specialist at The TOPS Program, presented on A Guide to Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy for a Food Security and Nutrition Program, and also answered questions regarding the tool. 

VII. Updates and Other Announcements

VIII. Close​

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