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The final Food for Peace Information Bulletin (FFPIB) 14-01, Eligible Uses of Section 202(e), ITSH, Community Development Funding, and Monetization is now available on the Food for Peace website. This document is an update to FFPIB 12-03 and reflects changes in authority made by the Agricultural... Read More
The draft Food for Peace Budget Matrix, similar to the matrix included in FFPIB 12-03, is available for your review and comment. FFP would greatly appreciate receiving consolidated comments on the Food for Peace Budget Matrix from the representative groups of the FACG.   The comment period will... Read More
ACDI/VOCA was recently awarded a TOPS grant for I-SMART version 2.0. The objective of I-SMART v 2.0 is to enhance the Information System for Management, Analysis, & Reporting Timeliness (I-SMART), which was originally developed and funded under TOPS as a data collection and management system to... Read More
CORE Group invites you to the inaugural workshop on Consortium Management November 6, 2014.  This workshop will be a pilot for a longer two day workshop at the field level.  Why Attend: Explore consortium management experiences with other NGO leaders Identify causal effects of organizational... Read More
USAID/Food for Peace held its first ever photo contest in honor of its 60th anniversary this year! We received over 80 photos that showcased the great work FFP programs are accomplishing around the world. Congratulations to our two first place winners from Land O'Lakes International Development and... Read More
The TOPS Program will be hosting an additional Theory of Change Training November 4 - 7, 2014 in Washington, DC. The training, designed and taught by TANGO International, takes participants through the process of developing a theory of change.   The Theory of Change training is designed for program... Read More
The Office of Food for Peace’s (FFP) Annual Results Report (ARR) guidance for FY 2014 results reporting and its associated templates are below: FY 2014 Annual Results Report Guidance Expenditure Report Template Technical Sectors Tracking Table Template SAPQ Indicator Template The ARR is an annual... Read More
The TOPS Program is proud to announce the launch of a new website to more quickly connect you with information about:TOPS Small Grants Program TOPS Virtual and In-Person Learning Events Associate Awards TOPS Structure and Mechanisms of Engagement Learn more about TOPS-sponsored events, activities... Read More
USAID will be holding stakeholder consultations with FFP implementing partners to capture best practices and needs for integrating climate change adaptation into development food assistance programs. Climate change adaptation, integration, and mitigation have been a priority of USAID with the... Read More
FFPMIS Training for New Users December 4, 2014; 9:00AM - 5:00PM. Designed to introduce new FFPMIS users to the data entry procedures for emergency applications, development applications, and Pipeline and Resource Estimate Proposals (PREPs). Target audience: Attendees designated within their... Read More