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Launch of the TOPS WASH Associate Award

The TOPS Program is pleased to announce the launch of the TOPS WASH Associate Award program led by Save the Children and funded by the USAID Office of Food for Peace (FFP). This new FFP/TOPS initiative is a five-year award aimed at strengthening the effectiveness and sustainability of WASH practices in FFP-funded development and emergency food security programs. 

Activities under this Associate Award include consulting widely with the WASH community of practice; collecting and analyzing evidence; identifying effective practices; strengthening skills and capacities among implementing partners; updating or creating new tools; sharing and disseminating knowledge; linking to other WASH actors, and supporting applied research into field-viable solutions for improving WASH service delivery. 

During the life of the award, the TOPS WASH program will bring together members of the larger WASH community of practice to share program and implementation design, principles, practices; capture evidence of successful implementation and innovative practices; and analyze challenges affecting WASH programming in FFP's development and emergency portfolios.

Additional information and more details on how to get involved will be coming shortly at

The TOPS WASH Program is currently recruiting for the Program Director position. For those interested, please apply to the TOPS WASH Program Director job application here.