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Learning Online: A TOPS Quick Guide to Webinar Production

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The TOPS Program
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We are now living in an increasingly connected world. These heightened connections are manifested not only in the physical world but also in the virtual space through innovations in communications and information technology. Learning has especially benefited from the availability and accessibility of virutal platforms. In the context of international development, web seminars or, in short, webinars are being utilized today more than ever as learning in the sector is progressively occurring across offices, across organizations, across borders, and across time zones. Not only are webinars used for virtual internal meetings, but they are now increasingly employed for more structured online presentations and discussions that foster knowledge sharing and learning among those in attendance. 

Webinars, just like in-person events, are productions in of themselves and take time, resource, and people to plan and host them. This quick guide presents the accumulation of best practices The TOPS Program follow when producing webinars. It is a basic, step-by-step resource that goes through the three webinar production phases: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. 


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