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A Look Back on the TOPS-funded Livestock-Household Nutrition Learning Series

Jennie Lane
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Land o'Lakes International Development
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In May of 2016, Land O’Lakes International Development received a 12 month sub-grant from Save the Children, funded through TOPS, to implement the Livestock-Household Nutrition Learning Series program. As our year-long series comes to an end, we at Land O’Lakes International Development have been reflecting on what we have learned.

When a small amount of animal source foods (ASF) are added to a mostly cereal-based diet, a person’s nutritional adequacy can be vastly improved, especially for young children. As a network of industry leaders and development practitioners interested in how animal source foods can improve nutrition outcomes, this four-part learning series facilitated the identification, discussion and dissemination of best practices and emerging approaches to nutrition-sensitive ASF and market-based livestock programs.

This series and ensuing conversations have brought our industry a step closer to understanding the diverse roles livestock and ASF can play in improving household nutrition and overall wellbeing. They have also highlighted available resources to turn to and essential questions to consider when designing, implementing and monitoring livestock programs intended to improve household nutrition.

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