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Looking for example questionnaires on common Ag practices

Looking for example questionnaires on common Ag practices

Posted by BKittle on 4 Oct 2012


I am developing a curriculum on how to design and implement at doer/non-doer/
Barrier Analysis survey and I need some example questionnaires on common Ag practices. 
If you have any questionnaires that you have used (or not), I would love to see them; and possibly use 1-2 in the curriculum (with your permission and credits to you, of course). 
I am also making a file of questionnaires so others can reference them. 
many thanks,

Common Ag. Practices- Questionaires

Posted by Paul Sommers on 7 Oct 2012


May I refer you to the 1995 UN FAO publication, "Improving Nutrition Through the Homelot." Session 7 includes a survey that addresses the agricultural structure and function of a homegarden. It contains essential questions that need to be asked when identifying potential interventions.

Another publication with good questions is the 1984 USAID/Peace Corps "Nutrition Improvement through Mixed Gardening in the Humid Tropics. "

Do let me know if these documents were useful.

Paul Sommers

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