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Looking for an Outcome Harvest Lead Consultant

Looking for an Outcome Harvest Lead Consultant

Posted by sstone on 25 Feb 2019


ACDI/VOCA in partnership with Helvetas and AIRD have been implementing a five-year USAID funded project titled “Agro Horizon Project” in Kyrgyzstan. The project promoted economic growth by increasing employment in the agricultural sector, for women and youth, while improving the availability of nutritious foods and increasing the market share of the targeted crops in both domestic and foreign markets. Agro Horizon Project is a key component of USAID Kyrgyz Republic’s overall economic development program designed to accelerate diversified and equitable economic growth in Kyrgyz Republic.

The project zone of influence(ZOI) comprise Osh, Batken, and Jalalabad, and Naryn oblasts.  With a focus on these four regions the project engaged actors in other locations that have market links to production in the target regions or the potential to strengthen competitiveness of the entire value chain for domestic or regional markets.

To sustainably reduce poverty and promote agricultural economic growth, the project embarked on;

1. Increasing productivity of agricultural producers and linking them to markets (Task 1)

2. Increasing productivity and markets for agribusinesses (Task 2)

3. Improving the enabling environment for agriculture sector growth (Task 3)

4. Improving the nutritional status of women and children in the zone of influence (Task 4)

The project’s programming employed an approach that was market-driven, private sector led, and promoted inclusive value chains development.


The objective of the outcome harvest is to uncover and validate significant positive and negative outcomes of the Agro-Horizon project as well as lessons learned around each of these outcomes. The results of the outcome harvest will be presented in a final outcome harvesting report and a shorter, summary brochure/booklet.


This scope is intended for an individual that can serve as the outcome harvesting lead. The lead would perform all six steps of the outcome harvest, with assistance from the Agro-Horizon MERL and technical staff as needed. This includes desk research of relevant documentation regarding Agro-Horizons activities and results to compile an initial outcome framework and outcome description drafts. The lead will interview Agro-Horizon technical staff to further refine this framework and the descriptions and to identify sources for validation. Subsequently, the lead will conduct field interviews with sources for validation (e.g. project participants/beneficiaries, enterprises, etc.). Agro-Horizon staff will arrange the necessary travel and key informant interview(KI)/focus group discussion (FGD) logistics as specified. The lead will be responsible for qualitative data analysis and writing the outcome harvest report and narrative for the brochure.


See the attachment for more details and how to apply.

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