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Measuring Shocks and Stressors as Part of Resilience Measurement

Timothy R. Frankenberger,
Richard Choularton,
Jon Kurtz,
Suzanne Nelson
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Part of the FSIN Technical Series, this fifth paper elaborates on the concepts presented in Technical Series Nos. 1 and 2 regarding the definition, principles and proposed common analytical model for resilience measurement. It argues that, from, an analytical perspective, resilience focuses on attention on the relationship between well-being (e.g. food security, basic health and livelihood status), shocks and stressors, and the capacity to preserve and improve well-being in the face of shocks and stressors. Likewise, the paper proposes that reliable measures of shocks and stressors are needed to determine the effectiveness of a given resilience approach. It also notes that resilience measurement demands robust ways to relate shocks and stressors to development outcomes, livelihoods, ecosystems and other systems.

The paper reviews a number of principles for measuring shocks, how people perceive shocks and how they respond to them.

Technical Series

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