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Monitoring and Evaluation Facilitator's Guide

Organizational Authors: 
The TOPS Program,
TANGO International
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The purpose of the Monitoring and Evaluation Facilitator’s Guide is to provide facilitators with guidance and tips on leading a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) knowledge and skills transfer course. The guide was designed to lead to an interactive, skill-building training and to improve the knowledge and proficiency of both new and experienced staff. The guide is part of a package that consists of the facilitator’s guide, PowerPoint slides, exercises/group work, and reference materials.

All lesson materials are available for download by module and session. See which lessons are in which module and session below:

Module 1: Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Lesson 1.1: M&E Overview 
  • Lesson 1.2: Revisiting IPTT: What makes a good IPTT? 
  • Lesson 1.3: Introduction to Theory of Change/Development Hypothesis
  • Lesson 1.4: Data Quality and Data Quality Assessments 
  • Lesson 1.5: Data Flow and Uses of Information 
  • Lesson 1.6: Quantitative Sampling 
  • Lesson 1.7: Gender Considerations in M&E 
  • Lesson 1.8: The M&E Plan 
  • Lesson 1.9: M&E Matrix and M&E Plan Exercise
Module 2: Qualitative Tools and Analysis 
  • Lesson 2.1: Introduction to Qualitative Methods 
  • Lesson 2.2: Qualitative Tools 
  • Lesson 2.3: Qualitative Sampling and Fieldwork Logistics 
  • Lesson 2.4: Qualitative Data Analysis 
Module 3, Session1: Statistical Concepts and Data Analysis
  • Lesson 3.1.1: Understanding Variables
  • Lesson 3.1.2: Introduction to SPSS
  • Lesson 3.1.3: Importing, Exporting, Merging, and Restructuring Data in SPSS
Module 3, Session 2: Statistical Concepts and Data Analysis  
  • Lesson 3.2.1: An Introduction to SPSS Syntax 
  • Lesson 3.2.2: Introduction to Data Management 
  • Lesson 3.2.3: Manipulating SPSS Variables
  • Lesson 3.2.4: Manipulating SPSS Data Files 
Module 3, Session 3: Statistical Concepts and Data Analysis  
  • Lesson 3.3.1: Introduction to Measures of Central Tendency
  • Lesson 3.3.2: Introduction to Measures of Dispersion 
  • Lesson 3.3.3: Generating Descriptive Statistics in SPSS 
Module 3, Session 4: Statistical Concepts and Data Analysis 
  • Lesson 3.4.1: Introduction to Statistical Sampling 
  • Lesson 3.4.2: Sampling Techniques
  • Lesson 3.4.3: Understanding Data Weighting 
  • Lesson 3.4.4: Introduction to Complex Sample Analysis in SPSS 
Module 3, Session 5: Statistical Concepts and Data Analysis 
  • Lesson 3.5: Inferential Statistics 
Module 3, Session 6: Statistical Concepts and Data Analysis 
  • Lesson 3.6.1: Data Cleaning 
  • Lesson 3.6.2: Making Data Meaningful 

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