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Narrated Presentations

The Permagarden Method

The Permagarden method draws from permaculture and bio-intensive agriculture to create a climate-smart approach to home gardening. The method combines sustainable agriculture practices from several approaches and movements and teaches how to design and integrate multiple agricultural practices in order to increase production and create a more resilient garden. While it can be implemented anywhere; it was specifically developed for low-resource, dryland areas.

Decision Guide for Program Managers

This narrated presentation accompanies an online booklet of the same name, which can be found here on the FSN Network. It aims to help Program Managers decide whether or not to send their staff to a workshop and whether or not to adopt the approach in their own program by explaining the DBC approach and its purpose, how the DBC Framework can be used in a program, and the logistics of implementing the DBC approach.

Designing Participatory Sessions for Large Scale Knowledge Sharing Meetings

This online presentation provides the user with guidance on designing effective, participatory knowledge sharing sessions as a part of large scale knowledge sharing meetings.

Participatory Facilitation Techniques

This online presentation introduces the user to the basics of Participatory Facilitation, and complements the TOPS Program-developed Participatory Facilitation Techniques Workshop Curriculum.

Event Management and Technology Considerations

In collaboration with the TOPS Knowledge Management Team, Adam Schrecengost from KDAD takes participants through a high level overview of some technology considerations to think about when planning a hybrid (in person and virtual combined) or online event.

Master the Basics of Twitter

This online presentation will take participants through the basics of Twitter, and provide guidance on how they can use the platform effectively.

Hosting a Successful Virtual Meeting

This presentation introduces users to the various considerations for hosting a successful virtual meeting.

An introduction to the Partnership Defined Quality (PDQ) Methodology

This narrated presentation gives users an introduction to the Partnership Defined Quality (PDQ) Methodology.